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Importance of digital workplace in digital transformation
Why is a digital workplace important for digital transformation?

Companies across the globe today unanimously agree that digital transformation is less about tools and technology and more about people. We zero in on two most important factors for successful digital transformation– a concrete organizational digital vision and employees who are fully engaged in their organization’s digital journey. If we closely observe, patterns emerge on what makes these two factors effective– employee experience, communication and collaboration tools, digital dexterity, and prioritizing technology investment. And that is where a digital workplace becomes crucial as an enabler ofthese patterns. Employee experience management has significant effects on employee motivation. Digital dexterity is largely responsible for employee performance in today’s age. And digital tools and platforms facilitating communication and collaboration are important for employee productivity and utilization. The sprawl of digital tools is overwhelming but when investments are prioritized correctly, they provide opportunities for acquiring capability that make work and collaboration easier.

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