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Customer Testimonials

"Speed-to-Market is such a critical success factor today that we looked at a variety of ways to accelerate development. HCL offered us the right combination of technical expertise, commitment, and cost effectiveness that would complement and enhance our own engineering efforts. "Dan Tuck, Chief Technical Officer. ParagonNetworks"

- DAN TUCK, Chief Technical Officer. ParagonNetworks

"We have chosen the HCL SIP protocol stack as the base for the SIP version of our VoIP platform. The combination of the flexible SIP stack product and the HCL professional services has shorten our time to market and strengthen the market position for our product Advoco NetPBX. The HCL team delivers excellent support and high class services."

- THOMAS OLSSON, Vice President Advoco Software

"We have used HCL's SIP test tool for protocol compliance testing of the SBC. The SIP tool covers the SIP RFCs extensively and is very flexible to use. The HCL team has helped us modify the tool to suit our needs and given us prompt response for all the support requests."


"We chose HCL Technologies' SIP protocol test tool to be used when testing our SIP product. The tool has a good test suite and the flexibility to design own test cases which helps us to save time and costs."


"QUALCOMM has chosen HCL's SIP testing tool for the functional and regression testing of our SIP products. It incorporates tests drawn from various RFC's which helped us cut down on test script development time. This is the only tool we found that supports a comprehensive list of SIP-related RFC's mandated by 3GPP/3GPP2. Its ease of use and wide range of APIs have helped us expand its use on our IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Products."


"We had an excellent experience working with HCLT on a project to incorporate their MGCP software stack into our VoIP products. The team was very responsive, had extensive technical knowledge, and delivered on schedule. The HCLT MGCP stack has worked quite well and interoperates with all of the required networks."


“We are extensively using this SIP tool to validate our SIP Stack and to ensure on conformance. The HCL SIP tool support is very good. I am always getting quick feedback with response.”


"After much research, Polycom selected HCL's SIP protocol tester to ensure our products deliver the carrier-grade reliability our conferencing server providers demand. In addition, HCL's test tools provide in-depth testing we need to speed the certification of our Voice over IP solutions and guarantee interoperability.”


“ShoreTel is engaged in an ongoing VoIP test automation project with HCL India in which HCL has provided both their VTF VoIP test framework and engineering services to add ShoreTel specific features to VTF and code tests. We looked at several hardware and software solutions before settling on VTF as having by far the best price/performance. Working with HCL has proved to be surprisingly smooth despite the difference in time zones - due in large part, I believe, to HCL's VoIP expertise and professionalism. The project has met all deadlines and requirements. I would recommend HCL to anyone contemplating a similar project.”


"Having worked with HCLT products and particularly HCLT SIP Test Tool has meant not only an important saving of time but also effort and cost. It's an easy way to evaluate our SIP products, as HCLT SIP Test Tool provides predefined test cases for checking conformance to relevant SIP standards. HCLT support team is responsible, serious and resolves any problem on time."


"Ahead Software AG chose HCL Technologies’ SIP protocol test suite for conformance testing of the SIP user agent SIPPS and the SIPPSTAR IP PBX. The test tool is an important part of our quality assurance process in order to maintain and guarantee interoperability. The test suite supports a great number of up-to-date RFCs, and HCL delivers fast and professional technical support."


“We choose HCL SIP platform as our product development solution. We are impressed by their code manageability and design modularity. The high level APIs of SIP stack provides rich functions and convenient usage that truly accelerate our development cycle. The SIP server cover wide range of RFCs implementation while keep high degree expansibility. Their technical support is prompt and responsive. We enjoy the cooperation of HCL SIP development team.”


"Selecting a partner for the development of PMC-Sierra's analog telephone adapter and VoIP Router reference designs were an important decision. HCL Technologies has the market experience and ability to deliver high quality products, and the willingness to respond to our customers' requirements on a timely basis."


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.