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In markets where there is no headroom for growth, the key to success lies in rapid innovation – i.e. innovation delivered at top speed. A classical strategy adopted by enterprises across sectors is to rely on an in-house capability. Those tactics do not deliver the goods in time. Corporations are always in catch up mode. You conceptualise, strategize, launch, and then you find that the idea was just a shade too late.

The innovation cycle is just not agile enough.

The reigning orthodoxy in innovation has long been that it is best to create and commercialize ideas within the confines of closed entities. Indeed, for most of the 20th century, that has exactly been the tactic. They rarely looked outside for ideas or inventions. Driving innovation is costly. It is slow. It is the one that gets beaten or shutdown when the going gets tough and the funds start to dry.

Is there a way for limitless innovation – unconstrained by funds – unconstrained by thinking assets – unconstrained by geography? How can you bring forth ideas using your limited thinking engines? How do you test those ideas? How do you POC them? How do you operationalize them? How do you take them to market? And then, how do you do this a 100 times over at a speed that makes market sense?

The world has moved on. The world is flat. Today it is all about collaboration. You leverage the assets of the world for your purposes. That includes thinking and ideating, and innovating too. That also means sharing your values, your assets, your goals. Corporations worldwide are doing just that - the ‘wiki’ thing – collaboration.

Ideation is now outsource-able. Ideation can be industrialised. Ideation can be collaboratively done.  

To industrialize innovation through your own resources is a multi-million dollar spend with an ROI that is always appalling. Spending 1%-3% of your top-line on innovation consistently in bear and bull markets is the name of the game, and this will probably increase for all Operators as the market dynamics change. 

Most Operators develop 90% of their differentiation technology in-house and realise that only 10% of those assets are actually leveraged in the market. That’s money out of your bottom-line.

How HCL Can Help

HCL can address this P&L problem by leveraging its collective capabilities to fuel your next innovation wave in an accelerated way.  

We pride ourselves for our culture of innovation. We have institutionalized innovation as a way of life for our employees by providing an enabling environment and appropriate systems and processes to encourage lateral thinking and spawn innovative ideas – Value Creation Councils, Enterprise Portal for Idea Generation (iGen), and Centers of Excellence (CoEs).

Today, we are leveraging our $1 billion Engineering and R&D (ERS) Horizontal unit to drive the innovation efforts within our market. Our ERS Unit has more than 18500 engineers and work with 48 Top R&D companies across 12 sectors including over 300 other companies that have transferred their Product Engineering and R&D efforts over to us.

Over the past 10 years, we have filed over 1200 patents, invested in over 20 solutions, engineered over 35 products for others, created over 100 solution frameworks, and executed over 100 developments across the country. Through these efforts we have realized $45 billion in revenues for our product companies. 

In Telecom, we do R&D and product engineering work with 7500 engineers supporting over 50 Platform Providers, Equipment Manufacturers, VAS Solution Providers, Device Manufacturers, and Handset Manufacturers.

We work with some of the leading players like Cisco, Samsung, Comverse, Acision, Ericsson, Sony, Mitel, Anite, ALU, Intel, and others. Through these engagements, we have enabled over 200 Carrier grade products and created over 100 patents.

Our joint R&D proposition can work to accelerate your R&D, and New Services Incubation and deployment efforts, and in the process, reduce your R&D spend while improving the innovation outcomes delivered through this strategy.

We have a number of service offerings to address Communication Service Provider needs:

  • Conformance & Compliance: Device and network equipment conformance and compliance testing  for LTE/IMS networks
    • VoLTE/LTE specs
    • Interconnect and Roaming
    • Protocol and Standards conformance
  • Service Testing: Device and network services functional testing in various deployment contexts
    • LTE device and application testing
    • EPC and IMS flow
    • IP Messaging  and VAS Testing
  • Integration & Interop: Integration/interoperability testing for multi-vendor mobility network systems/subsystems
    • IMS/EPC/SGSN/MME and virtualizing integration
    • Messaging/Voice/Data
    • Legacy interoperability
  • Performance Testing: Scaling/performance testing for devices, equipment and applications
    • Data performance
    • Voice and video performance
    • Network performance
  • Lab Management: Multi-Vendor Lab management, integration, and coordination
    • Lab integration, configuration and support
    • Lab upgrades and maintenance
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.