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Service Approach

How HCL Can Help

At a fundamental level, HCL’s solutions for the telecom industry  have moved away from a pure cost- and service-led strategy to a more value driving top-line and revenue generating strategy.

HCL’s offerings for Communication Service Providers (CSP) enable new business capabilities to drive growth, revenue, and market share while driving cost transformations to fund innovations in telecom engineering. The starting point is not about ‘Cost Transformation’. That’s our fundamental differentiation.

Our Service strategy is aimed at optimizing network management for telecom operators to improve their connectedness with the business ecosystem and increase their potency in the marketplace.

What You can Expect

Solutions for the Industry of Tomorrow

We believe that the service provider of tomorrow will not spend any more capital on an asset or capability that is not fundamental to its core. It will outsource non-core assets such as telecom billing systems, expense management, supply chain, and content management systems to a business platform owner such as us, as they revisit the tenets of their business strategy in re-determining their core business - what they should own, what problems they should be solving, and what they can source through others.


Our pedigree in providing engineering and R&D services to some of the biggest OEM companies in Handsets, Network Devices, Service Delivery Platforms, VAS, Core N.E., and Communications Gear across the world, provides us with a sufficient level of insights and credibility when it comes to understanding engineering, implementation, interfacing, and integration nuances with NGN and Legacy network topologies. We can draw up more granular plans with our customers involving B/OSS (Ordering, Charging, Fulfilment, Assurance, Billing, Network Inventory management) and its underpinning network.

Even in more traditional areas such as Application Support and Management (ASM), we have moved beyond the cost transformation story to Proactive Workload Reduction, and Improved Service Quality and Management by enabling Business Aware Operations and Proactive Incident and Problem Management through pre-built self-healing solutions that significantly reduce TCO and enable self-funded APO and Shift-to-Cloud opportunities.

Talking to Stakeholders in the Enterprise

This strategy allows us to work directly with the strategic imperatives of the wider telecom business while being aligned to the specific interests of each business stakeholder:

Business Stackholder

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We have begun to integrate the service offerings of the M&E and Retail industries with those of Telecom as we believe that the lines have already begun to blur across these three micro-verticals.

To make that seismic shift in our telecom services strategy, we have now realigned all our horizontal services to work to that outcome. Through this, we are able to drive a more coherent strategy integrating Operator initiatives through digital transformation, enhancing the technical and operational capabilities to drive M&E business capabilities, and transforming the customer engagement experience through multi-channel integration and analytics inherited from our Retail micro-vertical.

What this means for our customers is that we are able to offer a far more holistic approach in designing solutions for the telecom transformation of tomorrow. This will form the basis of our service strategy for the foreseeable future and the service offerings that we are going to the market with. Through a combination of such strategies we hope to drive improved connectedness for Operators.

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The 3 keys to achieving real-time visibility of your customer’s experience
The 3 keys to achieving real-time visibility of your customer’s experience

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.