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Telecom Solutions

Our Services Offerings

This section presents the Key Focus areas for Communication Service Providers adopting technology as the differentiator. To read the complete list of our solutions for each service line please visit our page : End to End Solutions for Telecom Industry Solutions

Application Services


These services are aimed primarily at supporting an Operator’s application assets (Core B/OSS as well as Enterprise Applications) while pushing transformation solutions that help customer experience transformation and sweating applications for Third Party consumption and monetisation


HCL has an alternative approach to support and operate B/OSS and Enterprise Applications which works to deliver Proactive Workload Reduction, improve Service Quality by enabling Business Aware Operations, and deliver Proactive Incident and Problem Management through pre-built, self-healing solutions. Read More..


Transform customer engagement experience by redefining ‘Sell & Retain’, customer touch points, and how customers consume. These services will drive a step change in your ability to influence and shape customer experience to engage, enhance, and excite.Read More...


These services enable Operators take decisions relating to the modernization of their legacy application stacks and enhance their potency. Leverage our expertise for your Cloudification decisions and improve your service delivery efficiency. Read More..


These services operate on a number of different dimensions by embedding analytics capabilities in processes to improve their potency, while helping stakeholders in areas such as Customer Operations, Sales & Marketing, Network Operations, Call Centers, and Supply Chain. Read More..

Business process outsourcing services


These services help transfer management workload in all the operational areas of a business [Core Operations and Back-Office] and work to transform OPEX costs while driving productivity gains through the application of technology and tools.


Leverage HCL to drive your operations and help reduce management workload through our deep operational understanding of all the processes that make up a telecom business and products that work into specific business lines such as Wireline, Wireless, Broadband, and ICT. Read More...


HCL’s Enterprise Function as a Service (EFaaS) helps operationalize a service oriented engagement model for back-office operations where the Operator determines the services, the service levels, and the performance measures that define the service outcomes delivered. Read More...


Engineering and R&D Services


HCL is the world’s fifth largest engineering service provider, providing solutions to accelerate business transformation through the flexibility, service agility, and manageability of Operator networks, ensuring that they provide their customers with better quality products.


Commence your virtualization journey by partnering with HCL to create, validate, and better your solutions. HCL is working with the Top 4 Telecom and Networking vendors on SDN, providing technical expertise for the entire SDN Stack across network applications, and SDN agents covering the SDN Controller and North and South bound interfaces. Read More..


With the emergence of several classes of network connected devices - from wearable devices to smart meters and in-vehicle systems – the role of the connected device is becoming pivotal for telecom service providers, who due to market and technology advancements, must innovate in order to sustain and thrive. Read More..


Wireless operators have started migrating towards 4G/LTE and VoLTE as their core TDM networks are evolving to Flat IP and Evolved Packet Core system. HCL can help Service Providers in their network transformation journey. Read More..


Infrastructure Services


Partner with HCL’s industry-leading Infrastructure Management Practice to drive productivity and optimize cost in the areas of DC and Infrastructure Support and Operations, Security Support and Operations, and Network Support and Operations.


Twenty Fortune 100 companies rely on us to ensure business continuity through Remote Infrastructure Management [RIM], harnessing our expertise in Cloud Computing, End User Computing, Information Security, and Global Standardized Service Desks. Read More...


HCL takes on the operational responsibilities of network operations in areas such as Network Planning and Design, Network Deployment, and Network Management involving monitoring, operations, and optimization services. HCL supports mission-critical operational responsibilities in Mobile, Fixed Wire, and Broadband networks. Read More...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.