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Driving Media & Entertainment Capabilities

The Situation Today

Media and Entertainment (M&E) is the next bastion for Communication Services Providers (CSP). While most Fixed Wire operators have embarked on the IPTV Quad offering, CSPs have been trailing behind. With LTE and the wide adoption of smartphones, service providers have now begun to pursue a more compelling strategy for entertainment by trying to create a consistent service experience across their fixed wire and mobile topologies.

There is also a wider strategic intent on the part of several trans-national operators in terms of content acquisition and distribution. Quad-Play operators are incubating a comprehensive M&E business capability enabled across their Broadband and Mobile businesses in order to compete with the likes of traditional media and cable companies.  

In addition, the Digital Media market is growing faster than the traditional one (16% vs. 3% CAGR 08-16), however, distribution costs are currently a significant percentage of media industry revenue (6-10%). As the media market scales, so does distribution complexity, and content creators and media retailers are aggressively seeking more cost-effective content distribution methods.

Telecom Operators are working to sweat their multi-billion dollar Broadband Assets (Fibre, 3G and LTE). Today, their Line Rentals charging model does not reflect an accurate representation of the demand potential and a bulk of the revenues is cornered by OTT providers like Netflix, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and others.

How HCL Can Help

HCL has significant experience working in the M&E sector and enabling new growth vehicles for Retail Telecom Operators while monetizing their Broadband investments. We have built a number of assets, as depicted below:

Retail Telecom Operators

The crux of HCL’s M&E strategy and capabilities for Communication Service Providers is to enable the fundamental business and technology capabilities to incubate and operate an M&E business line in convergence with the wider primary services that traditional Wireline and Wireless Operators have been delivering to the market.

HCL holistically addresses the M&E business needs of Telecom Operators. Here are a few ways we could drive value as you embark on a more holistic media strategy:

  • Digital content creation, packaging, and archiving
  • Digital Ad serving and operations
  • Integrated Ad serving platform
  • Digital Ad buying and selling
  • Monitoring activity at set top box level – capturing data, and analyzing behavior and consumption patterns.
  • Interactive TV + Smart EPG + Widget Certification
  • Smart programing guide – Assessing user behavior and creating a smart guide to suggest programs in the primary screen 
  • Showcasing consumer immersion by providing additional programming information / insights on the second screen
  • Second screen implementation for Home Solutions (IP TV) + Cross-channel advertising
  • Set top box user interface navigation design
  • Digital content certification for all Third Party Widgets
  • Service convergence across devices and topologies (Mobile and Broadband)
  • Interactive guide providing linear and non-linear program recommendations based on viewing patterns

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Case Study    

leading interactive multi-channelHcl help the leading interactive multi-channel retailer in us achieve better interactivity with their customers

Hcl helps a world leading mediaHcl helps a world leading media content provider gain operational excellence and enhance customer experience

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.