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Alternative Approach to Applications Support and Maintenance[ALT ASMTM]

The Situation Today

Increased connectedness is forcing Communication Service Providers today to leverage multiple touch points to reach the customer. This requires increased investments in ‘Change the Business’ while reducing spend on ’Run the Business’ activities.

Traditional application support and maintenance for telecom companies results in higher operational expenditures as the requirements for digitalization increase. Therefore, the organization’s need for optimizing support and maintenance and reducing the expenditure becomes a primary business challenge.

How HCL Can Help

Through experience in delivering ‘Run the Business’ services for more than 35 years with over 35000 Application Support and Maintenance (ASM) professionals across 5 continents, having managed seven million tickets per year across more than 100,000 applications for a variety of customers, HCL has developed an efficient alternative in managing applications through its innovative application support and maintenance (ALT ASMTM) offering, which is being delivered at the highest levels of customer satisfaction to leading Fortune 500 organizations across the globe.

This Framework is based on Lean principles and ITIL practices and helps in areas such as: Proactive workload reduction, service quality improvement (by enabling business aware operations), proactive incident and problem management (through pre-built self-healing solutions), TCO reduction (through self-funded APO and shift-to-cloud), business KPI impact (through business process KPI monitoring), and proactive value creation (through everyday ideas logged in to HCL’s Value Portal).

By adopting a ‘proactive obsolescence’ approach to traditional ASM services, ALT ASM™ goes beyond a traditional ASM contract and targets a reduction in the number of tickets to as close to zero as possible.  This approach involves:

  1. Identifying and ruthlessly eliminating waste using Lean and ITIL principles
  2. Reducing complexities in the service delivery cycle by using tools, automation and standardization

ALT ASMTM is a seamless and efficient way for clients to manage their applications’ health, availability, and operational costs.

What You Can Expect

Our experience with industry leading players has helped us understand what it takes to operationalize their businesses. We are able to help in these areas:

  1. B/OSS side of the Solution Architecture in Wireless and Wireline businesses
  2. B/OSS Component Interplay and its integration with OSS layers through Middleware
  3. Network Integration Implications through EMS and other Adaptors
  4. The interface standard professed by the TM Forum
  5. Legacy and NGN services and how they impact B/OSS from Modelling, Fulfilment, and Assurance
  6. Non-Performance aspects surrounding such deployments

We leverage a number of solutions enabled for Retail, M&E, and Manufacturing sectors for use within the Telecom sector as they transition into new age operators. We help our clients’ leverage these solutions by:

  1. Managing their B/OSS and Enterprise Application Assets
  2. Providing Application Portfolio Optimization through our proprietary PRISM Tool
  3. Establishing their Business Value Chain – Working at Business KPI/SLA levels
  4. Rationalizing and transforming their processes leading to improved CT, RFT, and ZPI metrics
  5. Reducing the complexity of their IT and Infrastructure assets by investing in modernization efforts
  6. Digitalizing their processes [Mobility & Analytics driven]

Our approach to ALT ASM™ is based on industry, business, and technology best practices, some salient aspects of which include:

  • Business Aligned IT: Business operations that are structured by key industry processes like content creation and acquisition, production, sales, marketing and CRM for Level 1 (Service Desk) to L3 (Application Support)
  • Unique support, technology, process and innovation-led portfolio management and execution to bring in a differentiated approach to value-creation
  • About 30-35% gains in support efficiencies via deployment of the 6-Pillars to Lean ASM – such as right sizing, standardization, tools & automation, performance management, proactive and predictive delivery, and transformation
  • Integrated Operations Management Center for a single window of accountability to applications, infrastructure, and service operations
  • Focused transformation with help from Industry Partners and SMEs; committed investments in driving initiatives for business transformation and operational improvement
  • Innovation in Commercial Models, including approaches to outsourcing like EFaaS (Enterprise Function as a Service) for committed gain on IT intensity

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customer experience Hcl facilitates improved customer experience for a leading communication service provider thus enabling them to retain the position of "supplier of choice"

telecom application supportHcl transform the telecom application support services fora global british csp

increase the win-rateHcl enhances business agility and responsiveness to increase the win-rate for new business prospects

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.