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Network Transformation



Cost effective and efficient migration of their TDM networks to Next Gen Infrastructure while simultaneously reducing Opex and increasing ARPU is the biggest challenge that most wireline and wireless operators are facing today.

“Simplifying and Converging TDM to Next Generation IP networks has yielded cost optimizations of up to 35% and resulted in Year over Year Productivity Improvements in the range of 10 to 15%.”

Wireline Service Providers all over the world today are struggling to retain their legacy customer base under competitive threats from Mobile operators, CLECs, Cable and OTT operators. Legacy system Opex and maintenance costs are increasing however the ARPU on the legacy infrastructure is staying flat or declining due to lack of ability to introduce new services.

Similarly, Wireless Service Providers are struggling to keep up with network expansion challenges due to the data bandwidth explosion and smart device growth (Smartphones, IoT, connected cars). These mobile operators are on the path to migrate to a Flat Next Gen IP wireless network as they start rolling out 4G/LTE and VoLTE to increase ARPU and reduce Opex costs.

Drivers for Network Transformation:


Situation Today

Realizing that the traditional TDM voice network will need to be replaced with the next generation of voice/data/video communications, wireline operators have initiated the migration to Next Generation Infrastructure based on MSAN/xPON based Access Networks, IP/MPLS & Ethernet based Transport and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) based Core network as their technology of choice. Similarly wireless operators have started migrating towards 4G/LTE and VoLTE as their core TDM networks are evolving to Flat IP and Evolved Packet Core system. Additionally, wireless service providers are increasingly replacing their TDM backhaul transport network with Ethernet.

How HCL Can Help


HCL can help Service Providers in their network transformation journey leveraging the following tenets of our service proposition:

Domain Excellence: HCL’s highly experienced 1000+team comprised of domain experts and migration architects has strong, global experience in delivering complex Network Transformation solutions, within time and under budget.

Proven Processes: Established Quality framework with adherence to TL9K, ISO 9001:2000. CMMI level 5 and SEI CMM certification. HCL’s program management and Multivendor Integrations skills are invaluable in delivering large complex multiyear delivery projects. HCL has successfully completed the largest TDM to IP/MPLS migration for a customer in India where the customer’s antiquated TDM infrastructure was migrated to IP/MPLS using Cisco & Juniper equipment. This nationwide, 2-phase transformation was completed in 71 cities across India in a record time of 7 months under challenging conditions.

Innovative Solutions: HCL is willing and able to Co-Invest and Co-Innovate with the Service Provider on the multiyear journey of Network Transformation. HCL has developed a set of “Success Based Business Models” that brings our skin in the game and helps the Service Provider minimize migration costs and accelerate implementation times and minimize implementation risks.

Solution Accelerators & Tools: HCL has developed extensive set of and Migration Tools and MOPs for efficient and error free migration of customer networks. These highly customizable Automation Tools can save customer both time and money as HCL’s experts can extract data from legacy systems, modify and download to Next Gen systems with minimal number of manual steps. Not only does this result in cost reduction in migration but it also helps with error free migrations resulting in enhanced customer experience. During a large US Wireless Service Provider’s TDM to IP Migration of 68 end offices from TDM to Softswitch/IMS architecture, HCL’s processes and tools were instrumental in significantly reducing any live traffic impact to end users. HCL’s customer was elated as the expected downtime of 2 hours was far outperformed by a total downtime of just 2.5 minutes!

What You Can Expect

Simply put, successful Network Migration is all about people, processes and (automation) tools! HCL has developed an extensive Transformation Framework that is highly customizable to a Service Provider’s specific requirements for Network Transformation.


HCL’s Network Transformation Framework is comprised of the following essential building blocks:

Define Customer’s Present Mode of Operation: During this initial, critical phase of Network Transformation, HCL will closely work with the customer to perform a detailed network and services audit and baseline critical KPIs and SLAs.

Define Customer’s Future Mode of Operation: During this phase, HCL will analyze the customer’s requirements for the future network and desired services portfolio. The main outcome of this phase is to identify any gaps in network, OSS/BSS, personnel and processes.

Prime Integration Role: As the Prime Integrator, HCL will architect, design and validate the NG Solution in a Migration Lab owned by the customer (or developed by HCL on behalf of the customer). HCL will jointly work with the customer to provide Multivendor Integration and Program Management functions. Part of the Migration Lab infrastructure can be leveraged for Migration Testing.

Network & Service Transformation: Based on HCL’s proven Network Transformation Framework, this phase is all about transforming the customer’s network across these three dimensions:

  1. Telecom Network Transformation:
    • Network architecture and design, including new technologies such as SDN & NFV
    • Multivendor Integration & Testing of the Next Gen Solution
    • Development of Migration Tools, MOPs, Cutover/Rollback Tools and Processes
    • Follow-the-Sun model for supporting complex field deployment scenarios.
  2. Services Transformation:
    • Support Legacy Services at reduced Opex, Introduce ARPU Increasing Services
    • Leverage HCL’s Analytics Tools to gauge Customer Sentiments
    • Proactively push targeted services to Enhance Customer Experience and retention.
  3. 3) OSS/BSS Transformation:
    • Retire/repurpose Legacy OSS/BSS system, Integrate New OSS/BSS systems
    • Leverage HCL’s expertise in Business Process Re-engineering for operational efficiency.

Program Management & Delivery: A complex, multiyear, multivendor Network Transformation must be supported by a proven methodology for Program Management and Multivendor Integration experience. HCL has developed several tools & processes that are highly customizable to take joint ownership of large Network Transformations. As the Prime Integrator, HCL provides the end to end integration and deployment, enabling the service provider to focus on their core competency of selling Next Generation telecommunication services.

Transition: The final building block of HCL’s Network Transformation framework is the Knowledge Transfer and Training essential for smooth transition of responsibilities from HCL to the customer. This includes training the OSS/BSS staff, field deployment staff and customer’s architecture/engineering organizations.

Successful Network Migration is a complex multiyear, multivendor undertaking that brings its own set of challenges that most Service Providers are not fully prepared to tackle in-house. Through its years of experience in large scale, multivendor integration experience and proven Program Management capabilities, coupled with the Network Transformation experience and expertise, HCL is your partner of choice for Network Transformation.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.