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Telecom Toolkit

Combating covid-19 for a better tomorrow

The Situation

The Situation

As nations around the globe are grappling with COVID-19, a new world of work is emerging. Enterprises such as communications service providers (CSPs) are shifting to virtual ways of doing things to ensure business continuity and growth during the COVID-19 crisis.

The telecom sector, in particular, not only finds itself in a position to mitigate operational challenges posed by the unprecedented global crisis, but also faces critical pressure to serve and satisfy the now internet-dependent mobile workforce, which is demanding for higher and faster data connections. It is time for telcos to rethink ways of working, serving customers, securing the enterprise, and planning business continuity—now, more than ever.

The Impact

The Impact

Owing to the current situation, the following are CSP CXOs’ top-of-mind concerns:

  • The organizations should step up to help the social cause. They need to ensure employee safety and well-being in these testing times.
  • The organizations should enable a safe and secure remote working environment for their employees and customers.
  • Network planning is of utmost importance due to spike in internet usage as majority of the population is working from home, resulting in an increased consumption of data due to restricted movement.
  • The organizations need to shift their focus on innovation and adapt to the new normal for growth. They need to have a resilient business continuity plan for their organization and customers.
  • The possibility of shifting to online stores that are highly interactive.

These concerns are top priorities for CSPs, and addressing these concerns is very much possible for telcos.

The Action

The Action

After a thorough analysis of telcos’ needs and priorities, HCLTech recommends our telecom industry partners to not only look at immediate telecom services and solutions but to go beyond to create a cumulative strategy to emerge as industry leaders. We believe that we can help you:


HCLTech 4R framework

HCLTech’s 4R Framework is built for CSPs to strengthen and transform their business across the telecom value chain and gain an edge against the competition in the post-COVID-19 world.

This unique framework will help in building the road map for CSPs to SURVIVE in the current crises, THRIVE in the near future, and GROW in the new normal.




Take the first step to survive the crisis and look after your workforce by establishing secure and collaborative remote working while ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees



Define a new normal to stay competitive with HCLTech’s immersive online stores and thermal scanning solutions for growing your sales and employees’ safety respectively



Create new revenue streams with HCLTech’s cross industry alliances in industries such as retail, education, gaming, healthcare, and entertainment



Enable strategic initiatives across IoT, 5G, and edge computing with HCLTech’s innovation labs in prominent universities such as MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and UCLA

Csp service offerings

HCLTech has prepared a COVID-19 emergency response toolkit (CRT) under the 4R framework, offering a holistic blueprint for CSPs.

Respond to the
immediate crisis


(Respond, Redefine)
6 to 8 Weeks

  • Fluid Digital Workplace
  • COVID Helpdesk
  • Community Enablement: COVID App Factory
  • CFO Cockpit (iDashboard)
  • Cybersecurity

Focus on aligning to the
"New Normal"


(Redefine, Reimagine)
3 to 6 Months

  • Thermal Scanning Solution
  • Immersive Online Stores
  • Extended Contact Center
  • Extended Network Operations Center
  • Enhanced Digital Marketing
  • Digital Media Telecom Services and Broadcasting Solution
  • Enterprise Monetization

Re-innovate and build for
competitive differentiation


(Reimagine, Re-innovate)
6 Months+

  • Emerging Industry Alliance
  • Supply Chains
  • Enterprise Studio
  • Sustain Innovation
  • Business Transformation

To learn more about the response toolkit offerings (CRT), please contact us by filling-out this form.


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