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Global Visibility Platform

The Situation Today

The multi-variable model which is linked to a single consignment creates a complex network of dynamically connected states, making it harder to track and maintain in a single location. In addition, lack of real time information hinders eff­ective decision- making, resulting in low customer satisfaction levels. Some of the challenges faced by freight management companies are:

  • Lack of real- time visibility of shipments across freight management operations
  • Inability to meet customer commitments on time, leading to poor Customer satisfaction
  • Lack of process standardization; stations working in silos.
  • High level of manual processes, resulting in time consuming critical customer service activities
  • No single source of truth, making it di‑cult to get the right information at the right time

How can HCL help

The primary objective of the Global Visibility Platform is to enable logistics service providers involved in freight management and their customers to gain visibility across the shipment lifecycle within multiple systems around the globe.

This brings about greater efficiency in routine Freight Management operations by:

  • Increased automation of processes; reduction of manual errors
  • Elimination of multiple or redundant runs to gather information
  • Capturing data in a composite repository and act as an integration point for all sources of information
  • Efficient workflow management and enhanced reporting capability
  • Reduced turn- around time coupled with better information quality


Global Visibility Platform Overview

What you can expect

70% cost savings through

  • Automation of the Track and Trace Process
  • Elimination of duplicate activities done by the Inbound and Outbound teams for a same shipment

20% time reduction in business reports

  • Automated uploads and generation of reports in required template by the Customers           
  • Elimination of the rework / data correction time

Feed to common Database – Global view                                 

  • 100% Service Quality, Accurate information on Shipment status at any point of time
  • Eliminates redundant runs across multiple systems to gather the required information

20% improvement in productivity through Workflow implementation  

  • Auto allocation of Shipments for Customer service operations
  • 100% Capture of start and completion time of every shipment

Effective management of SLA

  • Elimination of duplication through automation
  • Quantifiable productivity improvement in activity completion

Improved customer satisfaction

  • Ensuring high level of data accuracy, integrity and timeliness
  • Enhancing visibility and efficiency across stations

Enhanced visibility

  • Singular On- time information about every single shipment
  • Master Visibility source

Dashboard requirements of station managers

  • Standardization of processes and segregation of account specific knowledge/exceptions
  • Move towards consignment based billing system
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.