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Event Management

The Situation Today

Events contribute a sizeable source of income for hotels. A room or a banquet not sold is a perishable asset resulting in eventual loss to the hotel. While property management systems and central reservation systems have provisions to manage guest rooms, they lack the functionalities to help manage an event. The intricacies involved in managing an event are multifold and the lack of a comprehensive system only adds to the chaos.

How HCL Can Help

EVENT1o1, HCL’s Event Management solution, caters to the needs of event managers, hotel administrators, and event management firms through an end-to-end online solution. Event 1o1 is a web-based, intuitive and user friendly solution that enables paperless event management. HCL offers a customized website as an integrated module within the existing web application with more intuitive process flows for both the event planner and the event attendee. The solution can be configured to be a common application across all sub brands of a hotel chain.

HCL Event Management Solution

The EVENT1o1 framework provides a platform for event planners to easily organize an event by booking meeting rooms, designing their layout, arranging food and beverages, providing group bookings for guests/attendees; creating, designing and publishing an event information website, managing client invitation mailers, and more. It also helps the hotel administrator effectively maintain meeting room availability, rates, layout, and amenities so that real time information is given to the event planner. Customers can browse through the EVENT1o1 website created for a particular event and make bulk bookings.

EVENT1o1 also facilitates hotel executives to manage the event on behalf of the event planner. It allows the hotel executive to book a meeting room, override meeting room price information, block inventories, and more.  EVENT1o1 provides seamless integration with a hotel’s  CRS and CRM systems to facilitate online booking, capture customer details, manage loyalty programs, and more, delivering a truly comprehensive, end-to-end event management experience.

What You Can Expect

  • Step-by-step event management for an event planner
  • Customized event website
  • SSL support for room reservation payments
  • Low memory footprint – the solution can be deployed to any open source J2EE Application Server
  • Personalized messages; sending event invitations to all attendees
  • Feedback/suggestion collection post the event
  • Hotel meeting room inventory, and information on meeting room rates and bundling rules
  • Conference hall bookings and layout management
  • Food and beverage selection for an event
  • Inventory of services/amenities offered by the hotel
  • Event photo gallery
  • Presentations/documents to personalized websites
  • Social networking and consumer generated media which facilitates both event planner and event attendees
  • Reusability of personalized websites for other events with a similar theme, content, etc.

Benefits delivered

  • One-stop solution for event management, enabling the event planner to publish event information, make conference hall bookings, make room bookings for attendees, and more
  • Increased revenue generation for hotels through the ‘paperless’ management of events
  • Real-time access to meeting rooms and guest room inventory across geographies
  • Real time reports for effective revenue management and standard MIS reports like attendees’ registration, room bookings made and room booking cancellations
  • Scalability to meet the requirements of all types of events and locations such as vacation houses, and resorts and clubs where events are organized and managed
  • User-friendly interfaces that are easy to navigate, helping in user interaction

What We’ve Done For Others

HCL developed and implemented the Event1o1 solution for a leading hospitality client. The solution was used by its 4500 hotel brands across the globe, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, paperless event management, and greater revenues.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.