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Mobile Key

The Situation Today

In the hospitality industry, the importance of mobile solutions cannot be contested; especially with its widespread consumer adoption and its current deployment across multiple functional areas including distribution, ticketing, ancillary services, loyalty management and check-in/out. With the emergence of NFC (Near Field Communication), mobility solutions are expected to help the hospitality industry deliver a beatific customer experience. NFC will facilitate the obsolescence of many common items in the hospitality and travel world – keys, boarding passes, cash, rewards cards, and more.

How HCL Can Help

One such NFC-based solution is HCL’s ‘Mobile key’ framework for the hospitality industry. Using HCL’s Mobile key, guests can choose to proceed straight to their room upon arrival and securely open the door with their cell phones. Guests can also access other services via their mobile, and on departure, the check-out process using the phone promises to be easy and stress-free. The technology also increases security.

Solution Features

  • The Mobile middleware component of the ‘Mobile Key’ framework integrates the existing back-end systems like CRM, reservation, payment etc., with access control systems
  • It also acts as a gateway for the mobile client app running on the device to access ‘Mobile Key’ services
  • The provisioning component manages the access keys that are created for each individual user on their registered mobile devices
  • When a guest checks in, a unique access key is generated to access the allotted room and other facility areas
  • This access key is pushed or provisioned on to the guest’s mobile device over-the-air
  • The guests walk into to the room or use other services through just a tap of their mobile device on NFC-enabled access doors
  • In case of any security or emergency, situation alerts and notifications are sent directly to the mobile devices, ensuring the safety of the guests

HCL Mobile Key Architecture


Mobile Key Architectur

What You Can Expect

HCL’s Mobile key provides the following enhancements and business benefits to hotels:

  • Mobile as virtual keys or access control cards
  • User can carry fewer things – just the mobile
  • Instant access delivery to users
  • Security managers can precisely track users at various access points
  • Transfer control between users
  • Real-time traceability for both online and offline door access
  • Integrated access solutions that enhance user experience


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.