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HCL Technologies

Transportation and Logistics Solutions

HCL has extensive expertise across 5 functional business areas of LSPs, including contract logistics, freight forwarding, freight management, customs brokerage, trucking and fleet operators. We partner with customers and leading ISV’s to develop next generation solutions for the Transportation and logistics industry aimed at transforming business challenges into potential opportunities.

HCL provides following solutions under Transportation and Logistics segment:


  • Transformation of Transportation Systems: HCL brings to CIOs, a complete assessment framework and methodology to help transform their core operations systems. HCL’s comprehensive diagnostic toolkit, combined with pre-defined KPIs, helps CIOs benchmark the current state of operations, thereby providing a baseline and roadmap for moving on to a standardized, ‘global freight forwarding and transportation platform’ built on a scalable and flexible applications architecture. Read More
  • Report Factory: HCL offers the transportation and logistics companies a ‘Report Factory’ that provides on-time reports with improved efficiency through a standardized and dedicated ‘Shared Services’ model to drive down report generation costs by as much as 30% alongside accurate reports being delivered on time, every time customized through a web-based enterprise dashboard. Read More
  • e-Fleet Management: A custom-fit for fleet operators and specialty carriers. It has a comprehensive application providing a range of next-generation functionalities bringing in 'Optimization' and 'Prediction' into fleet operations. 'Optimization' aims to reduce the fleet running and operating costs and 'Prediction' aims to provide visibility into repair and maintenance, equipment availability and customer orders. Read More
  • Green Logistics Terminal: Green Logistics Terminal is a unique tool that can track carbon footprint on a daily basis by collecting data from different operational areas. This helps logistics companies to effectively initiate and implement green business solutions across high carbon footprint departments. Whether it relates to reducing paper within the organization, or cutting down emissions from fleet operations or optimizing energy consumption across warehouses and distribution centers, the tool provides you insights into optimizing all these activities and reducing your carbon footprint. Green Logistics Terminal can be widely used for transportation, fleet management, supply chain optimization, green packaging and/or green data centers within the logistics industry. Read More
  • Advanced Control Tower: Availability of the right information at the right time, making the right sense is very crucial in supply chain management. Often, information is available either too late or too early or is highly fragmented to make business sense and reveal actionable business insight. While we have reached the stage of being able to capture information in near real-time, its correlation and analysis to reveal insights that can prompt a response or a reaction, has been limited by the capabilities of the human brain. Today, through the utilization of HCL's Advanced Control Tower (ACT) solution framework, we have a comprehensive solution to this problem. This is the future of event-based supply chains, where every incident of occurrence will be captured as events, correlated in real-time, patterns and exception scenarios identified, business insights revealed and automated actions or alerts triggered. The ACT solution provides the single most important Control Tower interface for today's decision makers to obtain a situational snapshot of the supply chain to make relevant and impactful decisions. Read More
  • CataLOG™: CataLOG™ is a single unified portal that offers a one-stop-shop for all supply chain requirements. The pre-configured basket of services is offered on a subscription-based model that leverages benefits of a hosted offering with flexible billing and payment options. CataLOG™ works over standard http and is supported by best-in-class industry practices, thereby enabling users across the world to access the solution seamlessly. This holistic solution consists of two distinct components namely Service Management and Delivery Portal and Transaction Portal. Read More
  • Cross Docking IT: HCL’s Cross Docking IT framework enables Logistics service providers to better align IT applications with business functions. The three-stage framework with five phases covers the entire spectrum of your IT system to let the CIO focus on quantifiable business benefits from IT activities. With its business process orientation, it will make the LSP’s IT landscape more optimized and nimble, thus providing it an edge in today’s challenging environment. Read More
  • Customer Onboarding Framework: HCL’s ‘Customer Onboarding Framework’ reduces this timeframe to a few days and removes the hassles faced while integrating the EDI/B2B system with the partners by automating a large set of functions. HCL’s expertise in business strategies and tools extends to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). To achieve large scale EDI onboarding objectives, HCL’s approach would:
    • Reduce the time and cost needed by your staff to spend on each partner’s EDI integration effort
    • Increase the number of supplier EDI implementations that can be achieved each month
    • Ensure accurate supplier EDI implementations at both a syntax and business content validation level (e.g. testing shipment numbers)
    • Enhance partner relationships by being easy-to-use, comprehensive and cost-effective Read More


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.