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Green Logistics Terminal

The Situation Today

Up to 75% of a company’s carbon footprint comes from transport and logistics as a function, from a perspective of the storage and distribution of goods across different industries. Today, logistics companies are looking at going Green not just because of goodwill or compliance requirements, but also because savings in carbon emissions through Green initiatives directly translates into cost savings. A reduction in the emission of every ton of carbon means savings of around €14.34, which can be traded in the market for monetary benefit. Efficient logistics could save up to €280 billion worldwide.

In the above context, Emissions Management and Reporting assumes a great deal of importance for companies to monitor and report emissions against the prescribed Cap limits set by standards. The fact is that if you cannot measure it, you will not be able to manage it. This shift is conspicuous among organizations with large and global logistics operations. Thus, a majority of companies have begun to invest in tools that would enable them to measure, monitor and track emissions at a resource level within the enterprise. This is a very effective way to monitor emissions because the company is taking into consideration emissions from a very granular level, such as the emissions from a single forklift in one of the many distribution centers of the company.

How HCL Can Help

The ‘Green Logistics Terminal’ is a tool that helps logistics companies define, measure, track and control their emissions. Some key features include:

  • A methodology to define the existing operational, financial, activity, and resource structures for a logistics company.
  • Accurately measure the carbon footprint of the company at any point in time and track it against set goals and logistical thresholds
  • Define and create new projects that  a logistics company may undertake to go green, and track emission savings, both by form of emissions saved as well as dollars saved, from such sustainable logistics projects
  • An extensive range of ready KPIs that allow multiple granular views, to track carbon emissions and potential areas where dollar savings can be realized

What You Can Expect

  • Define, configure, measure, track and control emissions and logistical solution operations
  • Create and manage Green House Gas reduction projects
  • Realize the dollar equivalent of emissions and savings from Green projects
  • Comply with regulations and benchmark against the best in logistics
  • Optimize resource consumption – energy, fossil fuels, paper, water and travel, and reduce costs


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.