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Ultimate Ideapreneur Hunt 2016


In the culture of ideapreneurship™, core to every HCLite, employees have the freedom to ideate, decide and act via five seed platforms: Value Portal, LeadGen, MADJAM, GPC, and IPM. Employees are rewarded and recognized for making an impact to HCL and its customers through their ideas.

Ultimate Ideapreneur is a campaign that wishes to recognize that one ideapreneur who through individual brilliance and teamwork has delivered the best outcome within the Ideapreneurship culture. Campaign message: “An opportunity to excel as an individual and recognizing individual excellence that contributes to team success”.

The Ultimate Ideapreneur Hunt Activation was launched from 3rd March 2016 to 23rd March 2016 across three cities in India and Cary, USA to spread awareness about Ultimate Ideapreneur. The purpose was to increase participation of employees in seed platforms and Ideapreneurship culture thereby impacting customer value and revenue to HCL.

About Seed Platforms:

Value Portal is a grassroots service innovation platform for delivery employees where they can generate ideas which impact the service to customers.

LeadGen is a platform that encourages delivery employees to proactively identify customer needs and requirements and map them to a solution that can be offered by HCL.

Good Practice Conference (GPC) encourages HCL employees to share superior practices that get shortlisted and are showcased and awarded in an annual conference.

Intellectual Property monetization (IPM) encourages employees to submit innovative ideas which they believe can be patented.

MAD JAM is a centralized platform for celebrating business-centric implemented ideas and innovation of employees. A jury of senior delivery managers shortlist the best ideas, which are turned into videos and hosted on the HCL Intranet and YouTube where employees vote for their favorite entries.


We have powerful seed platforms that have delivered significant business value to HCL. To enable the existing passive employee base to participate in platforms that bring Ideapreneurship alive, a unique BTL Activation, Ultimate Ideapreneur Hunt was launched for the first time in the organization in March (03-Mar-16 to 23-Mar-16). The objective was to create awareness among the employees who have never contributed in seed platforms, and to motivate value generators to submit more ideas.

The core of the activation was to drive excitement and participation about UI challenge by engaging employees in various activities related to Ideapreneurship and each seed platform. It was an opportunity for the employees to win amazing prizes and to get one step closer to becoming the Ultimate Ideapreneur.

To implement the campaign effectively, communication to target employees was deployed across the organization via digital medium, and internal channels were utilized exhaustively. Stakeholders in different cities were kept appraised of the proceedings at regular intervals. We saw an enthusiastic response and participation from the employees throughout the activation event.

Employee Communication

  1. Microsite


    Microsite was created for Ultimate Ideapreneur wherein employees register and check their iScore basis their contribution in Seed Platforms. This helped in motivating employees to increase their score by generating more ideas and contributing in other Seed Platforms, where they have not participated before.

  2. Internal channel

    To garner maximum participation in the campaign, organization wide communication was initiated by utilizing various internal channels such as screensavers and mailers. Virtual properties (Pop-up Banner, Internal Banner, Small Banner, HCL Today Headers & Footers) on HCL’s intranet ( were also booked to create brand recall and increase campaign visibility at all employee touch points. Additionally, HR Employee partners were engaged to send personalized mailers to employees urging them to participate during the event.

  3. Facility Branding

    Facility branding such as standees, banners, flyers etc. were activated at all locations (Noida, Bangalore, Chennai and Cary).

    Facility Branding  Facility Branding

    Facility BrandingFacility Branding

Employee Activation

To foresee on-ground physical activation, the team travelled to Noida, Bangalore, Chennai and Cary.

BTL Activation

The activities in the activation were structured in such a way that each participant had to successfully complete five activities and each activity was related to one of the five Seed Platforms in the following order: Value Portal > LeadGen > Mad Jam > GPC > IPM. After each stage, qualifiers received goodies (Notepads, Table Top, Laptop cleaner, Keychain with LED, Eco Notepad and Selfie Stick) branded with Ultimate Ideapreneur. The grand winner at the end of the day had a chance to win an iPhone (India) and a Kindle (Cary).

The activities being aligned to Ideapreneurship and seed platforms were meant to be educational for the employees and also create excitement to be one step closer to becoming the Ultimate Ideapreneur.


Activation images


Winner Winner



  Winner Winner Winner



Mass awareness about Seed Platforms and Ultimate Ideapreneur across HCL offices and high level of participation during the activation event, thereby increasing the adoption. It created scope to enable participation for 1500+ employees who have never contributed in any seed platform before.

Employee Engagement

  • Employees reached: 8000+ employees every week for two months
  • 1500+ employees engaged on ground
  • 12000+ registrations in the UI microsite and still counting
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.