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After the pandemic arrived, the globalized supply chains were perhaps the most severely impacted among all enterprise functions. And while there might be respite from COVID-19 at some stages, the rise in nationalism and protectionism would change how companies approach their supply chains in the coming time.

They must plug the supply chain visibility gaps that were exposed as supplies were disrupted due to the COVID-19 outbreak and its long-term impact. The focus now needs to shift from products to data and from offshoring to, at least, partial near-shoring. Risk mitigation needs as much attention as cost optimization. But above all, they need the right partner—having the required experience and holding a good track record—to navigate them through this radical transformation.

Discover how the existing supply chain resiliency had been exposed by the pandemic and the possible future state of global supply chains—from the manufacturing services industry leaders and the leading technology solution providers at the ‘Virtual Think Tank’ event.

Key insights

Build data-centric enterprise for supply chain resiliency
Shift from monolithic systems to next-generation agile technologies as data takes the center stage
The emerging need for end-to-end supply chain visibility
Adoption of risk mitigation strategies with data as the key decision-enabler
Switch from offshoring to near-shoring and regionalization for last-mile connectivity and delivery to avoid supply ‘blackouts’


Muthuraman “Ram” Ramasamy

Global Client Leader,
Frost & Sullivan

Terry Beachy

Vice President,
Operations and Supply Chain,


Tom Brown

Executive Director,
Manufacturing, Quality & Logistics,

Brewer Science

Brian Casey

Vice President and General Manager of Industrial Smart Energy,

Brian Casey

Vishal Garg

Former Global Vice President,
Operations and Supply Chain,


Vishal Garg
Indranil Sircar

Chief Technology Officer,
Manufacturing Industry,

Indranil Sircar
Bruce Wisnefske

Advanced Manufacturing Operations,

Sargento Foods

Bruce Wisnefske
Shankar Gopalkrishnan

Senior Vice President, Head of Manufacturing vertical,

Shankar Gopalkrishnan

Manufacturing: ‘Virtual Think Tank’ exclusive report

Download the copy of the report to learn more about how the connected enterprises of the future would need to be underpinned by differently structured supply chains.

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