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2021: The Future of Financial Services & What Will It Take To Get There

2021: The Future of Financial Services & What Will It Take To Get There

At the onset of 2021, the financial services sector in Asia/Pacific is racing to recover. Relatively well capitalized as compared to the previous systemic shocks, such as the 2010 Global Financial Crisis, financial services managed to minimize the disruptions brought about by the challenges of recent times with digital initiatives they embarked in 2018 & 2019.

In particular, it has been interesting to look at how the reliance of data and analytics had facilitated our industry to withstand the challenges of 2020. Over the past few years, banks have made much investments in data infrastructures, data management, analytics, and the shift towards internal and external data monetization

Hear from Cyrus Daruwala, Managing Director of IDC Financial Insights, and subject matter experts from HCLTech and Google Cloud as they walk you through actionable steps on what it takes to be a leader in the future of financial services through a valid IT infrastructure foundation and a practical data monetization:

  • Data monetization – Data is an asset. How are Asia/Pacific financial institutions generating new value from Data?
  • Agile, Hybrid IT & Multi Cloud – Almost everything we need today stems from the cloud. IDC Financial Insights predicts that around 80% of enterprises in APJ will have a mix of on-prem, private and public cloud by 2021.
  • Hyper-individualization – A key differentiator lies in the organization’s ability to identify & unlock various sources of data and create frameworks to monetize data
  • Processes & Innovation – Building organization’s capabilities to automate and digitalize every internal and external processes, enabled by cloud.
Thursday; December 3, 2020
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Introduction to the speakers
Cyrus Daruwala
Cyrus Daruwala
Managing Director, IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific

Cyrus Daruwala is the Managing Director for IDC Financial Insights. Mr. Daruwala and his teams focus on all aspects of "run the firm" or "change the firm." His research and advisory practices cover banking, insurance, and capital markets and topics such as legacy modernization and transformation, hybrid cloud, Big Data and analytics, customer life-cycle management, digital experience, ecommerce ecosystems, Internet of Things, cognitive, blockchain, and fintech.

For the past 20 years, Mr. Daruwala has been working with financial institutions to help them assess their business and operational and technical challenges, select the right vendors/partners, better understand their IT TCO, and grow their customer base. Before joining IDC Financial Insights, Mr. Daruwala was a managing partner with a regional research and publication firm. He was instrumental in growing the firm's proprietary as well as subscription-based research business along with the publishing businesses. His understanding of a range of business, market, regulatory, and investment-related issues enable him to work closely with financial institutions, consultants, vendors, and government agencies on various multidisciplinary initiatives.

A master's degree in Business Finance, Economics, and Business Law from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics

A commerce graduate with Accounts, Political Sciences, and Business Planning as specialist subjects

A two-year on-the-job training program in leveraged foreign exchange and bullion trading with further coursework at the International Monetary Market on fund displacement, investment strategies, and trust planning

Stuart Houston
Stuart Houston
Director, Financial Services, Google Cloud APAC

Stuart is Director, Financial Services at Google Cloud for Asia Pacific & Japan, with responsibilities including developing and delivering the strategy and solutions focus for the banking, capital markets and insurance industries across the region, representing Google Cloud in industry focused digital and in-person events and thought leadership papers, and enabling the field organisation with Financial Services domain and solution knowledge. Stuart works closely with industry-leading clients and strategic partners across Asia Pacific to help drive digital and data transformation through data-driven innovation, adapting to evolving customer expectations and fast-moving markets being constantly disrupted, and meet security and compliance needs with Google Cloud solutions for Financial Services, including Data Architecture & Transformation, Human Centred Design thinking for Digital Customer Journeys, Open Banking, Payments Transformation, High Performance Computing for Quantitative Analysis & Risk Simulation, Regulatory Compliance and Reporting & Financial Crime Management.

Prior to joining Google, Stuart was with Oracle Corporation for 25 years, in a variety of APAC and Global roles spanning consulting, presales, business development and industry strategy and innovation, working predominantly with the Financial Services Industry across Asia Pacific. Stuart has been engaged with many financial services transformations across the region largely in the enterprise domain – regulatory, financial crimes & compliance, finance, risk & treasury, with clients in Australia, Japan, Singapore, India, Thailand, Philippines, ... Stuart played a key role contributing to the development of the Oracle Reference Architecture for Finance and Risk in Financial Services across multiple Oracle pillars with the OFSAA / ERP / EPM solution stack, which has now delivered significant value to many hundreds of clients globally – G-SIBs, D-SIBs and others.

Dr. Michael Maxwell
Dr. Michael Maxwell
Senior Director Solutions, Financial Services, HCLTech
Dr Michael Maxwell is part of HCLTech Financial Services team as a Solution Principal. Dr. Michael brings decades of experience in leading product management initiatives that deliver results in difficult circumstances. The range of products spans legacy offerings to emerging markets and in industries including banking, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution. With significant execution capabilities through the effective leadership of cross-functional teams, a thorough understanding of the underlying market, depth in the requisite technologies and the application of significant amounts of hard work, Dr. Michael is a renowned speaker at various Industry & Executive Conferences.
Siva G Subramanian
Siva G Subramanian
Principal Data Architect, HCLTech Google Ecosystem Business Unit

Siva G Subramanian heads the Data Tower for HCLTech Google Ecosystem Business Unit. A senior executive with over 16+ years of experience in Data Arena covering 360 degree of data portfolios. Cloud Data & Platform Architect with data engineering, management and analytics background at the core, he has an extensive track record in diverse businesses across verticals. He specializes in the solutions, pre-sales, delivery of information management advisory, data architecture & implementation to client in the various services industry.

He has a keen eye for data-based solutions for consumer’s business challenges, which is reflected in his leadership style – a combination of out-of-the-box thinking and innovation – which has earned him the respect and trust of the many clients he has worked with. As a Senior Director, he has delivered solutions and played a key role in the data transformation of many customers. He has strong experience in building the data practice from the starch.

Siva is leading the Data Tower for the HCLTech Google Ecosystem Business Unit, which helps customers in their cloud adoption and accelerates an enterprise’s data transformation. Siva’s experience and business acumen have been instrumental in defining and developing this deep and integrated partnership. He hopes it will enhance the welfare and mitigate the risk for the customer’s journey to the data on cloud. He is an early enthusiast and adopter of tech-based solutions for consumer’s business and data challenges, which is reflected in his leadership style – a combination of creative thinking and technical expertise.

Siva is passionate about travelling to new countries and exploring; travelled more than 18+ countries. He leads a techie group on helping passionate IT professionals to complete certification and sharing knowledge, he himself completed 30+ IT certifications. He believes in spiritual principles and astrology, have visited many temples/holy places around the world.

Siva completed his engineering in Electronics & Communication from the University of Madras, International MBA from Russian Ulyanovsk State University, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD,) from University of Swahili and Doctor of Science from Azteca University. He is based out of London.