Genesys Xperience 2021 - HCL Breakout Session | HCLTech
About the Webinar

HCLTech participated in the recently concluded CX event of the year, Xperience 2021, hosted by Genesys. HCLTech was also a spotlight sponsor of the event.

The event revolved around discussions over key topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Messaging Channels, Integration and 3rd Party Applications and more. The participants had an opportunity to learn about delivering highly personalized and empathetic customer experiences from industry experts.

Experts from HCLTech presented a breakout session on the topic of “Total Experience Transformation with Genesys”, wherein the discussion was centered upon embracing digital experiences in post-covid era.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Introduction to the speakers
Kalyan Kumar
Kalyan Kumar
Corporate Vice President & CTO

Kalyan Kumar B (KK),Corporate Vice President & CTO. Kalyan is widely acknowledged as an expert and path-breaking thinker and practitioner on BSM/ITSM & IT Architecture and Cloud Platforms and has developed many IPs for the company in these domains. He is responsible for defining, building and implementing next gen services like Digital workplace, Autonomics/AI, Next Gen Data Centers & Networks, Cloud & DevOps, Security & GRC etc. He has been presented with industry awards for his thought leadership in the IT Management and Cloud Computing space.

Raman Sharma
Raman Sharma
Associate Director, FluidCC Practice, HCLTech

Raman Sharma leads the Global Contact Center Practice for HCLTech. For over two decades he has been involved in qualifying, designing and deploying contact center technologies for small and large organizations. He utilizes his experience of having seen the evolution of call center industry and expertise in AI and Cloud to conceive optimal transformational journeys.

Julian Frank
Julian Frank
General Manager, FluidCC Practice, HCLTech

Julian Frank is a seasoned Solutions Architect focused on Contact Center for two decades and now leads the Product Strategy for Contact Center Practice in HCLTech. He has been involved in Helping customers transform their Customer Experience as part of Pre and Post Sales consulting engagements. As a Hobby he likes to contribute to open-source code and blog during his free time.