Preparing Enterprises for the “New Normal” | HCLTech
The rise of the borderless digital workplace

Ready or not, enterprises have to immediately enable their workforce to be effective remotely. Retaining remote productivity and delivering an empathetic experience is the need of the hour. The current scenario represents a unique challenge where businesses need to pull their socks up and start assessing their readiness, in a race against time, to get accustomed to the 'New Normal'. The crisis also presents an opportunity for enterprises to prepare and develop rigorous business continuity plans, adopt & scale future proof digital transformations to ensure that they come out stronger out of this crisis.

Join us for this webinar to listen to the visionaries from HCLTech and VMware as they help us identify key challenges and ways of overcoming them by making a series of rapid well-informed decisions. Hear best practices for designing and supporting remote-first strategies and scaling remote workspaces.

Key Takeaways

  • Know the challenges that enterprises are up against
  • Learn how to set the right priorities & plan of action
  • Understand how technology can help you navigate through in the times of crisis
  • Driving compassionate change management
Friday, May 8, 2020
Introduction to the speakers
Kalyan Kumar
Kalyan Kumar
Corporate Vice President & CTO

Kalyan Kumar B (KK),Corporate Vice President & CTO. Kalyan is widely acknowledged as an expert and path-breaking thinker and practitioner on BSM/ITSM & IT Architecture and Cloud Platforms and has developed many IPs for the company in these domains. He is responsible for defining, building and implementing next gen services like Digital workplace, Autonomics/AI, Next Gen Data Centers & Networks, Cloud & DevOps, Security & GRC etc. He has been presented with industry awards for his thought leadership in the IT Management and Cloud Computing space.

Sanjay Poonen
Sanjay Poonen
Chief Operating Officer, VMware
Sanjay is a Chief Operating Officer at VMware and is responsible for worldwide sales, services, support, marketing and alliances and responsible for the Security products and strategy at VMware. Poonen serves on the Board of Directors of Infor and the Advisory Board of Docusign.
Rakshit Ghura
VP & Global Practice Head – Digital Workplace Business, HCLTech

Rakshit heads the Digital Workplace Business at HCLTech. He has over 15 years of experience delivering cutting edge digital workplace solutions to some of the biggest companies across the world. In the current role, he is responsible for defining, Incubating and creating the product roadmap/ strategy/offerings around Digital workplace, Mobility, Automation, Workplace analytics, Employee experience and Collaboration. 

Kevin S. Parikh
Kevin S. Parikh
CEO and Chairman, Avasant

Kevin S. Parikh is the CEO and Chairman of Avasant, a global management consulting firm operating in over 50 countries across North America, EMEA and Asia. He is a renowned author, speaker, and industry leader. He has published numerous widely distributed white papers, articles and texts on digital and business transformation and authored a book on digital enterprise transformation. 

Naresh Lachmandas
Naresh Lachmandas
Former CIO Of General Atomics, Principal & Senior Fellow, Avasant
Naresh is a seasoned leader, change agent with experience in the Aerospace and Defense, High Tech/Consumer Electronics industry and Government Administration. He is result oriented with an outstanding history of developing business strategies and technology roadmaps, delivering revenue generating enterprise solutions and driving cost efficiencies.