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Rightsizing Traditional SAP Systems and Rightsizing for S/4HANA

Ensuring your SAP Systems have the right data in them can be a challenge. As data is processed do you really need to keep it in your SAP System? This presentation will discuss techniques for optimizing your SAP databases, with a migration to S/4HANA & SAP TCO reduction in mind.

Receive insights from HCL’s experienced team to understand:

  1. How to assess your existing SAP Systems
  2. How to prepare / analyse your existing SAP Systems
  3. Do you need all data ONLINE or in REALTIME?
  4. Why right size for a HANA based System e.g S/4HANA
  5. Getting the sizing right first time so you don’t have to constantly upgrade
  6. Usage of Archiving for ECC6 & S/4HANA to reduce SAP TCO
Thursday 28th March 2019
London, United Kingdom


About the speakers

Bhupinder Chera

Bhupinder Chera
SAP Solutions Director, HCL Technologies

Bhupinder Chera is an SAP Solution Director at HCL and a thought leader in migration to the next generation of SAP incorporating SAP digital transformation.  He is focused on helping HCL’s customers create S/4HANA + next generation SAP roadmaps. Over the last 27 years, Bhupinder has worked with a wide range of clients across Banking & Finance, Insurance, Central & Local Government, Utilities, Manufacturing, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals & Telecommunications, driving the development of SAP Strategy, Architecture & Roadmaps resulting in the modernisation of his client’s SAP Estates.

Nick Parkin

Nick Parkin
Director, Proceed Group

2018 will be Nicks’ 18th year specialising in the Archiving and decommissioning of SAP systems. Over this period Nick has worked with some of the largest and most complex SAP systems within the area of SAP data management. Currently he is focussing on customers migrating to SAP HANA and showing them how they can save considerable amounts of money by "Rightsizing" their systems first before they migrate. Also, in the last 2 years he has have been working alongside SAP on its roll out of ILM for GDPR.