Enhancing factory order orchestration for vertically integrated fashion companies | HCLTech

Vertically integrated fashion companies struggle with supply chain visibility, agility, and responsiveness, caused mainly by operating model complexity. The pandemic, the shift to Omni-commerce business models, and pressure to produce more sustainable products is forcing fashion companies to re-think and re-shape their operating models. 

The advent of Business 4.0 has allowed fashion companies to leverage sophisticated process and technology capabilities to resolve fundamental challenges and shifts in their operating model. SAP has made significant investments in cloud-based digital solutions that will enable companies to solve the contract manufacturing visibility challenge and drive quick and actionable insights to enable fashion companies to run better. Learn how fashion companies can harness the capabilities of new digital solutions—SAP S/4HANA Fashion and SAP DMC—to gain real-time insight and visibility into contract manufacturing operations to unlock significant business value and benefits.

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