Accelerate time to value with SAP on Cloud | HCLTech

SAP applications are mission critical for day-to-day operations and have historically been on premise. However, maintaining on premise SAP solutions limits innovation and also requires high capital investment, time and energy.  Cloud technology has come a long way in the recent years and migration to cloud platforms has undeniable benefits. While the traditional benefits of the cloud - superior scalability and lower costs have only become more apparent as the technology has matured, they are no longer the main drivers of migration to the cloud. Rather it's the agility, flexibility, resiliency and productivity that the cloud offers. Migrating SAP to the cloud is an intricate process. There is a possibility of data loss and operational instability, which makes SAP migrations critical and of utter importance to enterprises. This whitepaper helps IT leaders understand the value of this shift and illustrates the salient feature of SAP on Cloud while also demonstrating the strategy for a successful migration

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