Cloud Ahead- move beyond legacy: A BFSI industry perspective | HCLTech

As per the latest report by a leading research firm, banking is one of the top three industries that spends the most on public cloud services. The BFSI industry is going through a disruptive tech transformation and cloud adoption is the pivot to this movement.

The BFSI sector is likely to step away from conventional ways to adopting cutting-edge banking technology and pave the trail of digital transformation providing enhanced customer service and experience. The industry is placing primary focus on providing the end customers with more agile,  auto-scalable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Despite the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 like situations, banking and financial institutions can still find a way to add more stability to their businesses by creating opportunities for new business models powered by emerging technologies and cloud adoption, putting the customer at the core of their business strategy.

This whitepaper, authored by our veteran industry expert Piyush Saxena, VP & Head- Hybrid Cloud Services and Neha Ghildiyal provides an in-depth understanding of the BFSI industry and its digital transformation journey.

Key learnings:

  1. Emerging technology trends in BFSI
  2. Current cloud adoption patterns in the industry
  3. COVID-19 Impact
  4. Understanding multi/hybrid cloud as the trend setter
  5. How HCLTech can handhold organizations in their transformation journey?
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