HCL and Google Cloud Making Hybrid and Multicloud a Reality: Delivering Business Agility | HCLTech

As per a recent IDC survey, the hybrid and multicloud market is growing at a rate of 15.4% CGAR by 2024, with 71 % organizations rating application modernization as their top priority. With growing hybrid and multicloud environments, enterprises need consistent ways to develop, secure, and manage apps at scale across these ecosystems. But managing these environments is incredibly challenging and complex. HCLTech meets these challenges through innovative and comprehensive solutions and frameworks built on application modernization platform by Google Cloud that brings enterprise apps into the 21st century, with the flexibility to run in any environment—whether cloud-native or based on virtual machines, drive revenue, link IT and business processes, shift to OPEX models and implement new ways of managing IT.

In this sponsored whitepaper, IDC discusses:

  • The need and role of Managed Service Providers in delivering the benefits of hybrid and multicloud and how that translates into economic gain for enterprises.
  • Approaches and criteria for selecting the right Services provider
  • 5 ways in which HCLTech helps enterprises succeed in their hybrid and multicloud journey. 
  • HCLTech and Google Cloud partnership and differentiated set of hybrid multicloud capabilities centered on industrialization of the life cycle of services, advanced automation & IPs, dedicated CoEs (centers of excellence) and partnerships, domain expertise, and innovative pricing

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