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An HCL Cloud Native Labs Perspective on Application Modernisation

An established enterprise will make the vast majority of its revenue using existing systems. So, it makes perfect sense to spend 95% of the IT budget on maintaining those systems, leaving as little as 5% to invest in new technology and innovation. Therefore, the emphasis of enterprises is often a lot more towards how to modernise the existing estate rather than building greenfield applications as there may be in a start-up. This approach makes sense as going faster, saving money or doing more can all apply to existing applications.

The journey to application modernization is simpler said than done. It’s not an easy task to optimize the performance for an array of internal and external applications, especially when there’s a mixture of cloud and legacy workloads that connect and intersect. In this whitepaper, HCL Cloud Natives Labs is sharing their perspective on application modernization and looks at three specific software development patterns to modernize existing applications.

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