Oracle Cloud Integration with Azure and Potential Benefits | HCLTech

“Cloud First” has been the strategy of enterprises over last decade and there has been a shift in requirements & expectations from the cloud providers. Now, the enterprises are looking forward to consume best of the services from different cloud providers to optimize their license spends, achieve more agility and consume application aligned services from different cloud vendors. As a result, multi-cloud has become the new normal for cloud providers.

Microsoft and Oracle have partnered to deliver low latency, high-bandwidth cross-cloud connectivity, enabling us to take advantage of the best of both clouds. Utilizing this cross-cloud connectivity, we can partition a multi-tier application to run our database tier on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and the application and other tiers on Microsoft Azure. The experience is comparable to running the entire solution stack in a single cloud.

This whitepaper illustrates the potential benefits of Oracle Cloud Integration with Azure from the end-user perspective and the unique opportunity it provides to migrate the workloads to the cloud while choosing the best technical and commercial offerings. Also, understand HCLTech’s point of view and how can HCLTech’s unique partnerships with Azure & Oracle can help you unleash the true potential of the offering. 

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