Why Hybrid cloud should be a key part of your survive and thrive strategy | HCLTech

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted markets globally and forced organizations to deliver projects with a new level of urgency, flexibility, and expectation. With that pressure has come heightened demand for cloud services as governments and private sector companies address consumer demand and pandemic-related responses that require resources and capacity in a different manner compared to pre-2020, according to analyst company, IDC.

Senior technology executives from across the Asia-Pacific region gathered recently for a virtual peer-to-peer event to discuss how the pandemic has impacted their hybrid cloud strategies, which are a key pillar of their digital transformation activities. This exclusive whitepaper lists down some of the key highlights and insightful thoughts as shared by the participants

  • Why adopting a hybrid cloud infrastructure effectively can ensure you match up to frequently changing business and customer demands
  • Why it’s important to accelerate digital transformation activities now so your organization is in a better position in the months and years ahead.
  • The role cloud infrastructure will play across your business and what are the best practices across verticals that you can enable within your organizations as well

Download the whitepaper to understand why hybrid cloud should be part of your survive and thrive strategy.

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