Adoption of GovCloud: Leverage technologies like AI and machine learning | HCLTech

As corporations adopt a cloud strategy, many aerospace and defense (A&D) organizations are rather slow in their adoption for good reasons. Now that GovCloud is available and addresses many of those concerns, governmental agencies expect the suppliers to be GovCloud compliant. A&D companies are defining their future roadmaps and joining the transformation wave. This article will help define GovCloud and how an A&D company can best utilize this new technology. The benefits of moving to GovCloud are like having an elastic or expandable cloud-based data center that can help reduce IT infrastructure spending and leverage new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. In addition, we will define many of the critical attributes of the cloud/GovCloud, like hyperscalers, high availability databases, disaster recovery, storage, and network design. We will then focus on moving SAP workloads to GovCloud as most A&D organizations run SAP. This will cover items like Secure HANA Cloud and the key actions needed to deploy SAP on Hyperscaler. Then we will highlight the simplified approach to GovCloud migration through 5 key steps. We then address the pressing post-migration challenges that every organization must consider to ensure the implementation is successful.  Lastly, this document will elucidate the considerations an A&D organization face as they finalize their journey toward GovCloud and how HCLTech can help in that definition and implementation.

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