5G-Empowered Digital Twin for Media & Entertainment industry | HCLTech

While outcomes of 5G’s device connectivity capabilities have given birth to some technologies such as the metaverse gathering curiosity amongst the masses, some others are still being explored by relevant industries.

One such technology operates as a real-time digital counterpart of physical objects or processes. Digital twin makes complex, expensive processes easier to achieve and less costly. Once built, the DT can be used to simulate and demonstrate the effects of changes in design and process. They possess capabilities their real-world counterparts in a digital space simply can’t achieve.

This whitepaper shares details about the innovative technology, impact organizations can derive from it and its capability to transform telcos.

Download the whitepaper to explore the three primary types of telco DTs and their use cases:

  • Network DT
  • Consumer DT
  • Process Digital Twins
Download the Whitepaper