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Cyber Resilience

The era of digital adoption of technologies demands a vast collection of personal data, and insights derived from this personal data helps attackers to understand the customer behavior in a more detailed way. Data security has become critical, and every organization is spending huge amounts of money to protect data against data breaches and unexpected security incidents. Security breaches are unavoidable events and attackers take benefit of the situation. An attack can squander an organization’s hard-earned money, as well as its reputation in the eye of the customer. A single data breach can expose the critical data of the organization and compromise the personal information of every individual. This whitepaper sheds light on the challenges faced by organizations in terms of ransomware attacks, and why it is important to oversee security controls to protect from ransomware. It also elaborates on the best practices for ransomware protection and remediation from HCLTech Cybersecurity & GRC services.

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