Organizational Resilience In the Face of Disruptive Events, 2020 | HCLTech

Rise Above Risk

As of mid-2019, 90% of the world’s organizations probably had never imagined potential disruption in the form of pandemics, canal blockage, or stock exchange shutdown. The thought of building organizational resilience in 2020 transformed the outlook of risks and resilience. Only few adopted organizational resilience for transitioning from the traditional to the agile system.

Right now, those companies are reaping the benefits of “being resilient” by dealing with disruptive occurrences successfully. Given the significance of technology in developing resilience, businesses invest a substantial share in adopting and advancing their infrastructure technologies to adjust their strategic planning and conceptualize scenario-based solutions in dealing with the crisis.

But still, a lion’s share of organizations are yet to understand the utmost importance of integrating an automated business continuity software system to shift towards the proactive concept of organizational resilience.

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