Azure App Service Environment - An Overview | ASE | HCLTech

Azure App Service Environment (ASE) is an Azure PaaS service that provides an excellent alternative to customers already leveraging Azure App Service Plan and wants additional security for surfacing or directly connecting to business-critical data in the on-premise environments. This service is also an alternative for customers contemplating migration of sensitive line-of-business or intranet-based applications to Azure, which are expensive and risk-ridden programs. ASE allows customers to host business-critical applications on Azure service while adhering to stringent security and compliance requirements.

This whitepaper attempts to give the reader a holistic view of the Azure Service Environment, since this Azure PaaS offering is relatively unknown. Since cloud services and their features change frequently, a few things stated here might get outdated, eventually. We request the reader to look up reliable sites from Microsoft for the most recent updates.

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