Digital business calls for digital operations | HCLTech

In a fast-digitizing economy, most enterprises already have a digital strategy in place and digital transformation continues to show bullish signals. The application operations landscape is undergoing tectonic shifts amidst this digital rush. While enterprises are busy speeding and reprioritizing the production-to-market cycles, building competitiveness based on cost-effective, business aligned and experience-driven application operations is becoming increasingly difficult. Today, keeping up with the speed of technological change, cloud adoption and evolving customer expectations are the biggest asks of the CIOs.

With most companies adopting digital fast, the full scale of digital transformation will be realized only with a solid application operations strategy in place. In the last year, 70% of businesses invested in digital, despite budget constraints - but building sustainable, cost-effective operating models that free up revenue for innovations and exploring new value streams require operational excellence. Enterprises that are struggling to free up revenue for new initiatives must partner with capable technology operations leaders to empower their enterprises for today's digital business. Read the whitepaper to know more.

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