Evolving customer behavior and ecosystems: Why data, AI, and personalization are needed to make it happen | HCLTech

The average individual spends nearly 4 hours on their smartphone today. Rapid digitization has taken overall screen time to nearly 17 hours per day for heavy users. The consequence? An average user can see around 10,000 ads per day, of which a very small number are actually relevant. This, coupled with reducing attention spans, has meant that most businesses are missing their targets and adding to the noise.

Delightful, personalized experiences (which are actively demanded by more than half of customers today) are not driven simply by a presence across digital touchpoints, or websites and apps backed by optimized processes with an army of ads to drive visitors. With a growing density of digital noise and rapidly emerging digital natives constantly resetting the bar that differentiates great experiences from average ones, personalization has bubbled down from a luxury reserved for high-end products to something expected by customers across all their transactions. These industry-leading experiences are unarguably driving customer expectations and behaviors served to them by the top brands, and they, in-turn, are driven by concerted efforts that pivot teams and processes on customer journeys, broken down into end-to-end processes. 

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