The Power Platform: Connecting the Dots | HCLTech

This is a two-part whitepaper on “Connecting the Dots” with the Microsoft Power Platform. In this first part, we attempt to elicit the benefits of the Power Platform and how to leverage it to solve major organizational challenges. In the next part, we discuss HCLTech’s capabilities in connecting the dots with ease. Assuming each system as a dot in the gamut of systems, we have given a perspective of the typical challenges of connecting these dots and how the Power Platform helps in connecting the dots smoothly with minimal coding.

Though Microsoft Power Platform provides ready-to-use apps, flow templates, pre-built connectors, and AI models, it’s still evolving around the areas of versioning, DevOps, and rule-based decisions in orchestration. There is also a complex licensing around this Microsoft SaaS offering, which is difficult for an organization to follow and chose. We, at HCLTech, offer an end-to-end governance framework for optimal day-to-day operations (e.g. assistance to customers in deciding the right licensing option) coupled with the best-fit operating model and team structure associated with it, to undertake a fail-safe modernization-cum-transformation journey on the Power Platform.

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