Digital Door: Gateway To iEnterprise | HCLTech

“Digital Door: Gateway to iEnterprise features 8 different contributors cum ideaprenuers from our global business and practice teams. It gives a fresh perspective through ingenuity, thought-provoking analogies, success stories and innovative ideas.

Digital Door details on how 2020 forced the world to re-examine how it lives, works and experience. The entire ecosystem was changed how we go to work, how we service our customers and how we interact with our partners and investors. A future ready enterprise, or iEnterprise, has innovation at its core. It has a digital channel strategy as the gateway that leads to the operational backbone - Industrialized Shared Services or GBS. It leverages an ecosystem of partners to execute flawless and agile integrated operations, generate and act on business insights real time and deliver the delightful “i”-experience.

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