The lender's guide to surviving the mortgage market | HCLTech

As the US economy reopens after a world-changing pandemic, several key factors are impacting getting back to a “normal” mortgage environment. Inflation is one of the most critical factors challenging the ongoing recovery. Inflation is usually addressed by raising interest rates, compounding the recovery process. The result is lower mortgage volume and margin contractions. Coupled with historically high home values and record low inventory, lenders are facing an incredibly difficult and unknown future.

Mortgage lenders need organizations that can help them navigate these challenges and provide them with several ways to improve their bottom line, from low-cost operational solutions to forward-looking technology that helps improve business and productivity. US mortgage lenders must transform their operations to address these issues while shifting from fixed to high-quality variable costs.

This whitepaper outlines the current market challenges for lenders and what lenders can do to rein in costs and provide good customer outcomes.

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