Leveraging Digital Transformation Expertise in Global Business Services (GBS) | HCLTech

We traverse that rare year when many years have rolled in together to offer our planet fast-tracked wisdom. Working remote, this year establishes how our compassion, more than any other competence, should be the one we must hone. As lockdowns came and went, listening went from an individual skill to an enterprise-wide process. Disorienting ambiguity made the case to rethink business models faster, yet the best in us responded strongly. Unstuck in swirling negativity, we marched on, knowing fully well that status quo, not the pandemic, is the biggest enemy of change.

As countries, cultures, and companies find themselves anywhere on the continuum of ‘bounced-back to cautious-catchup,’ at HCLTech, we unwaveringly seek the impact that innovation and intention consciously create. In the end, what matters is that our customers experience equal parts of that flawless feeling (Delight and no less) and formidable function (Receiving the highest value and no less).

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