Automation in CAE - HCF/LCF Life Calculator Tool (Ansys Workbench) | HCLTech

The HCF/LCF Life Calculator will help the CAE engineers to evaluate the HCF/LCF life faster, accurate, reliable and ease the review. The HCF/LCF Life Calculator is an Ansys Workbench Extension developed using Python developer software. The Ansys workbench extension can be installed with the help of Ansys Workbench Extension Installer. 

Automating the manual process is utmost importance for the below reasons:
• Error free process & calculations.
• Improved productivity & meeting on-time delivery.
• Reliable calculations process.
• Reduces overall design cycle.
The above objectives were met, by developing HCF/LCF Life Calculator. HCF/LCF Life Calculator carries out high cycle fatigue life calculations.

During several HCLTech customer product validations phase and qualifications process, the HCF/LCF Life Calculator proved to be beneficial. Know how by downloading this whitepaper.

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