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Cognitive Product Support

The industry is moving from customer satisfaction to an era of customer advocacy, where companies expect their end-users to promote and endorse their products. Support has thus become an essential part of the experience delivery. With so many new products being rolled out to the market every day and focus of customers moving from features to experiences, you can’t let expensive and slow product support hold you back. What you need is an innovative approach to support that is built into the product development process itself and not dealt with like an afterthought.

As companies across the globe are gearing up to carve out ways to disrupt the multimillion dollar support market, this whitepaper on ‘Cognitive Product Support’ delves into the evolving trends in the product support area and moves beyond its obvious advantages to focus on analytics-led, intelligent support.

To enhance customer experience, HCLTech’s Cognitive Product Support engine adds intelligence to the existing support systems enabling seamless cross channel journey for customers.

Some of the key benefits:

  • Guaranteed MTTR improvement by 10%
  • Over 90% accuracy in forecasting ticket volumes
  • Process automation and standardization

Are you geared to innovate product support to improve service levels and optimize your support processes to drive operational excellence?

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