Container Security: The Knight’s Armor - Docker Jockey (DoJo)

Container Security- The Knight's Armor- Docker Jockey

In the previous whitepaper ‘Securing Containers – a Pragmatic Approach’ , we have seen successful implementation of an end-to-end container security solution, organizations must inculcate the culture of DevSecOps and consider container security right from the planning phase. Not leaving the responsibility to a separate security team, container security should be integrated into DevSecOps practices. One can follow the best practices to design, implement, and adopt a container security solution for desired results. We have seen the challenges associated with designing and implementation of a container security strategy for an enterprise, the capabilities required, the best approaches, recommendations, and solutions in this article. Let us now look at the HCLTech Accelerator - DoJo (Docker Jockey) – a three-tier Docker containers security platform that was built into HCLTech’s DevOps platform, RAPID.

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