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Technical Risk Management-Rugged Notebook

Rugged laptops are used in various day to day activities law enforcement, field service, construction and military applications .The consumer graded laptops are prone to Breakage, damage and resulting in loss of data. The Rugged laptop are design with consider various enhancements which make it The Technical paper discusses about the Challenges faced during the design of the Product. In this paper we discuss about how a normal laptop is converted into a rugged laptop. This Paper Discusses the risk and differences related to a regular laptop & a rugged laptop are thoroughly studied and detailed through a case study. Converting a regular laptop into Rugged Laptop is unique case. Due to this, the risks associated with projects are unknown & high. This whitepaper emphasis on the risk associated with designing a rugged Laptop DFMEA tool. Further the case study discusses the various Design solution provided to overcome risks/Challenges.

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