Telecom Network Testing using TURBO UEC | HCLTech

In TELCO world, OEMs must ensure that their Network stack performs well with multiple vendor user equipment’s such as Cell phones and Data cards [UE] in production environment. For this, most of the vendors are using UE simulators for validating their Network stack. However, the simulators are based on the defined standards, but the real UE implementation will always have a significant difference as well as deviations when compared to the standards. So, there is always a need to ensure that the Network stack works well with the real UEs of various vendors. But the manual validation with real UEs is a time-consuming process and prone to error.

We have come up with a solution named TURBO UEC, which performs the validation of the Network with Real UEs of various vendors. This will automatically discover the UEs connected to the server. It triggers the UEs to gets attached to the network and run traffic with different load levels. This solution can be used to control and command the UEs. It consists various load profiles that can simulate field conditions like registration, data traffic (UL, DL & both), cell handover etc. The parallel execution of profiles with multiple UEs will reduce the time consumed to perform the validation and helps in reducing the CAPEX and OPEX. This also helps in monitoring the key parameters of the UE periodically. Thus, helps in reducing the manual efforts required for validation, improves time-to market, and improves the quality of testing in Real UE based telecom networks. Download whitepaper to know more.

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