Automation to create Material Database | HCLTech

In the engineering industry, domains such as structural design and analysis, manufacturing, and testing are required to execute several tasks, such as referring inputs from multiple sources, performing calculations with many formulas, solving equations that require iterations for solution convergence, preparing analysis reports etc. These tasks are generally time-consuming, repetitive processes and the possibility of human errors are high. To address these issues, one can automate these processes using programming languages such as VBA. VBA is used to interact with applications, extract data from various sources, generate reports etc. This whitepaper addresses the issue of retrieving the required material properties data that is required to perform structural analysis calculations by developing a tool as a material database.

Not only the generic tool helps the engineer in saving time in searching material data properties and improving productivity but also helps in reducing errors, better reporting, reduces training efforts and can be integrated with other Microsoft applications. Download whitepaper to know more.

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