Cardboard Honeycomb Model Validation through FEA Representing with Homogenized Model | HCLTech

Cardboard Honeycomb model validation through FEA representing with Homogenized model

Proposed is an analytical homogenization model for Honeycomb panels. Designed to run the needed impact dynamic simulations, we have developed an Orthotropic equivalent material module for homogenization model. We have shown that this model can not only reduce the preparation of the CAD/FE model and but can also drastically reduce the computational time. With this we can get the benefit interms of the computational hardware requirements for the large sandwich panels.
The comparison of the results obtained by the homogenization model simulations and by the experiments has proved the precision and effectiveness of the model.

Using this MDS tool for material extraction will get the technically precise material with single physical test (compression test).This homogenization model can be used not only for Honeycomb cardboard panels, but also for naval and aeronautic composite structures. Download whitepaper to know more.

Download the Whitepaper