Device Virtualization using Robot Simulator – A New Opportunity Landscape | HCLTech

Virtualization is the process of generating a virtual version of the actual products that can provide an interactive user experience to the customers/operator in a virtual environment. Virtualization is currently used in many industries (aerospace, automobile, etc.) to provide an interactive experience at minimal expenses and reduced carbon footprint. It can enhance the user experience on the product and provide reliable evidence on device operations. This enables the user to show interest in buying or investing in the devices/products. Robot simulator emerges as a potential tool that facilitates the creation of virtual devices. It can simulate the functionalities of robots, which are a combination of hardware and software. The simulation capabilities available in the robot simulators are ideal tools for virtualizing the devices. Hence, the development of virtual devices will be a novel opportunity landscape for the robot simulator. Download whitepaper to understand the potential benefits of using a robot simulator.

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