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Dynamic Simulation of Control Valve using MATLAB and Simulink

Aircraft Anti Icing Valves are intricate systems which is primarily used for pressure and flow regulation and has built in feedback loop, complex regulating mechanism and sometimes even failsafe path. The valves include various moving valve components (example poppet valve), sensing elements (example diaphragm, piston) and force elements (example spring). There is always interaction between the fluid domain pressure/flow and the physical domain forces/ movement. Modeling the interaction between all the components which are functioning on different domains is a very challenging task. The simulation of such a valve which models the various components successfully can be very helpful in designing and testing the function of the valve. If such models can be parameterized, the lead time to bring about changes or new product development can be drastically reduced.

The purpose of this paper is to showcase HCLTech capability in dynamic simulation of valves taking an example of Nacelle Anti Icing Valve. To perform this simulation, the team has used Matlab/Simulink. Simscape module within Simulink is used for modeling different domain elements and the interactions between them. The model thus developed predicts the performance characteristics of the actual valve. The model is parametric and hence the influence of varying some parameters (such as wall friction, spring stiffness, poppet valve opening, inlet and outlet diameter to mention a few) on the overall behavior can be studied. Detailed study of this model can be used to bring about product improvement, feasibility study and tuning of a new variant or a product as well as solve field issues among various other use cases. Similar approach can be followed to model any valve whether it may be in aerospace field or industrial applications as well.

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