Edge Computing : An Introduction | HCLTech
Edge computing is considered the next breakthrough in technology innovation. Unlike the cloud, edge computation happens near a physical location where data is being collected and analyzed rather than on a centralized server or cloud. Data and other related information are collected within the network from devices like IoT, sensors, etc., and they are processed in the edge server to give real-time inference. Edge is seen as a promising solution for the 5G-related use case. The main objective of this paper is to get to know about Edge computing. Edge computing is the new approach to network architecture that helps an organization go beyond the limitations imposed by traditional cloud based network. Nevertheless ,Cloud continues to play an important role in Edge. However, we now have possibilities emerging from IoT, which is capable of processing data.  With the capabilities of Edge and by leveraging the benefits cloud offers, now is the time for organizations to look up to the next big thing that is emerging in the market and make the best use of it to stay relevant in the business. Download whitepaper to continue reading.
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