Enriching Cellular V2X with 5G vision | HCLTech
The automotive industry, like many other verticals, is going through a massive transformation and evolution. The core of this evolution is based on the buzzword of connected cars or autonomous cars or driverless cars or assisted driving. All these terminologies (and henceforth called as technologies) work on the premise that the vehicle will be able to exchange critical information amongst other vehicles or road side units or network or even pedestrians. This information can be used for plethora of services ranging from traffic pattern determination, road side assistance, reducing accidents or even improving driving comfort.
This paper introduces the basic technology used for vehicular communication with the focus on cellular V2X.  A brief on how existing cellular network can be enhanced to carry this V2X data will be outlined. Finally, with the onset of 5G, this paper focusses on how CV2X use cases goes into wider dimensions.
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