The consequences of fire incidents are devastating and it severely impacts people, property and the environment. The data collected and reported over the years shows the enormous amount of property damage that has been caused due to fire incidents. The number of casualties reported are also very high. This brings attention to the need of solutions that could help prevent fire. There are various fire suppression tools available in the market but most of them are focused on detection. Few cities around the world have developed methods that will help them predict the buildings that are most vulnerable to a fire hazard. Hence trying to avoid any fatal situations. The fundamental behind these solutions is the data. Data can be used to develop a method that can be used worldwide to combat the problem of fire. The new age equipment and assets within a building are smart and connected to the internet. These devices/appliances continuously collect data. The article describes how the data collected can be used in order to monitor these devices and other factors, which in turn can help to indicate if there is a possibility of fire. With the existing push for digitization, companies have already invested great deals of effort and money in developing twins. The model uses an inside out approach to give more accurate prediction. The use of data with the power of digitalization can help to predict fires and is sure to save a lot of damage to life and property in the years to come.